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   The company is located in the historical and cultural town of Zhouzhuang and between the first purification of all - Fenhu Development Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou, is one of more than ten years of professional production and purification equipment manufacturers, the performance has been all over the country twenty Several provinces
The company dedicated to pharmaceutical products, health care, biochemistry, health food, machinery and electronics, electronic equipment purification plant and other production and research departments to provide a variety of different types of purification equipment.
Our main products are: clean bench, biological safety cabinets, air purifiers (self-purification), air shower, the early effect, in effect, high efficiency air filters, FFU fan filter unit, the transfer window, sampling vehicles, laminar flow enclosures, modular air handling unit, air box, HEPA, filter, ozone generator, cleaning lamps, stainless steel clean floor drain, air volume control valves, fire dampers, electric valve, check valve, residual pressure valve, diffuser plate, aluminum back windscreen, composite color steel plate, rock wool board, aluminum and so on.
Company strong technical force, excellent equipment, with a good reputation, good quality to win the support and trust of our customers. The company was in November 2009 passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification!
Recruitment of the company dealers across the country joined the agency of our products, to create brilliant tomorrow.
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